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Prescription Policy

CWcanadianpharmacy.com offers you the best generic medications at very affordable prices.We do not sell any controlled substance either federal controlled or state controlled and hence we do not dmand a prescription from you.However we consider that it is a must that you consult with your doctor or health practitioner & check all the side effects and contraindications with him before ordering any medication.We cannot tell you what dosage or frequency of any medication you can take as that only a doctor who has done a complete clinical checkup of yours can tell you.

The website accepts absolutely no responsibility for any medical events or outcomes relating to the use of medications purchased via our Online Pharmacy.

By placing the order on our site,the user/customer confirms that:

They have a valid prescription for the drug they are ordering and their doctor has full knowledge of this and all medications they taking

They have no current and known allergies to, any sensitivities to, or intolerance of any kind to any of the products ordered

They assume all responsibility for adverse outcomes which occur as a result of using the product(s) ordered

Both before and after ordering the medications on this site it is very important and must that you discuss it with your doctor and follow his advice.Neither this website nor any of its affiliates or employees assume any responsibility,legal or otherwise for any medical or unfortunate outcome that may arise upon taking any of the medications.

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